Better Beetle Blaster | Small hive beetle trap Laurence Cutts

The Better Beetle Blaster - Small hive beetle trap

The disposable small hive beetle trap that is guaranteed to control this beekeeping pest

The Better Beetle Blaster is a small hive beetle trap which was developed by Laurence Cutts. Laurence is a lifetime beekeeper, a retired Florida state apiary inspector, and a member of the Florida Agricultural Hall of Fame since 2012. Laurence developed this trap to control this pesky beetle, also known as Aethina Tumida, which has become quite a nuisance to beekeepers far and wide.

  • The Better Beetle Blaster is...
  • EFFECTIVE - because it actualy works!
  • ECONOMICAL - it's less than a buck in 100 lots!
  • EASY TO USE - even a 6 year old could do it!
  • ECO-FRIENDLY- no chemicals!

The small hive beetle, originally from the sub-Saharan regions of Africa, was first confirmed in an apiary in Florida, in 1998. Since then, this pest has spread throughout the United States, appeared in Australia, and now Aethina Tumida have begun to surface in parts of Europe.

Beetle Blaster - World Small Hive Beetle Map

Laurence Cutts relied on his lifetime of beekeeping experience and his passion for the beekeeping industry to create an affordable and disposable small hive beetle trap, which is easy-to-use and extremely effective. The Better Beetle Blaster small hive beetle trap is completely manufactured in America, but is now being used by beekeepers world-wide to combat the small hive beetle.

The Better Beetle Blaster is available at all major bee suppliers! Get the best small hive beetle trap on the market, the Laurence Cutts’ Better Beetle Blaster.

Visit the UNIVERSITY of FLORIDA ENTOMOLOGY and NEMATOLOGY DEPARTMENT for quality information on this beekeeping best, the small hive beetle.

How to use the Better Beetle Blaster is as easy as 1,2,3

Pour oil into the small hive beetle trap

1. Just add oil

Fill each Better Beetle Blaster with a small amount of vegetable oil.

place the small hive beetle trap between the top bar frames

2. Insert into hive

Put the Better Beetle Blaster in between the top bar frames.

Discard the small hive beetle trap when full

3. Dispose of the trap

Discard when the Better Beetle Blaster is full of dead small hive beetles.

Available at most major bee supply chains